14 October, 2004

IRS Tax Challenge


On April 15, 2003, I informed the IRS that I would no longer be paying federal income taxes for that year, or any future year. As I relayed to Lisa Guliani in her article Victor Thorn: Conscientious Objector, “I can no longer support a government that more closely resembles an organized crime syndicate than a representative of the people.” [See The New World Order Illusion, chapter 15]

I will elaborate more on these illegal activities later, but before then I’d like to preface this article by laying out the dilemma I’m faced with. I love this country with all my heart, and would never want to act in a way that is construed as being unpatriotic. In other words, by taking this stance I am not trying to tear apart the United States of America, for we have, at least in theory, the greatest form of government ever conceived. But this system has been infiltrated and corrupted to such an extent that it is now being run by a cabal of shadowy criminals who occupy very important positions of power in Washington D.C., New York City, and even outside our borders. So, please understand, my actions are not those of someone who hates his country. Rather, I cannot sit idly by and watch this illegality continue as America is washed down the drain. In this light, my personal stance of action (as opposed to inaction) is in response to Edmund Burke’s famous declaration: “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” Before continuing on, I would like to make it perfectly clear that it was never my intent to become an IRS protestor. In fact, when I was first exposed to this type of information in 1990 (quite by accident, I might add), I never imagined in my wildest dreams that it would lead to this. But the more research I did, the clearer it became that our government was heavily involved in an array of illegal activities. Worse, there are reams of evidence that these crimes – including drug trafficking, money laundering, and assassination – are being done with the full knowledge of the FBI, DEA, Department of Justice, and even the Executive Office. Over time, I uncovered volumes of shocking information from literally thousands of different sources – from the right, the left, mainstream sources and the alternative press – and all of them were pointing in the same direction: our federal government has engaged in a vast array of illegal activities for decades now. What made these arguments even more damning was the fact that most of these sources were completely unrelated and independent of each other, and they covered the entire political spectrum with a host of opposing viewpoints. The one constant, though, was that our government has, and still is, breaking the law in an alarming number of different ways. This material ultimately reminded me of something Ross Perot said to George Bush Sr. when he was looking for POWs in Southeast Asia: “George, I go in looking for prisoners, but I spend all my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world and is involved in illegal arms deals. I can’t get at the prisoners because of the corruption among our own people!” [See The New World Order Exposed, chapter 7, page 48] All the while, one question keeps resonating through my mind: why are we allowing such atrocities to occur, like the CIA bringing Nazi scientists into this country after World War II under Project Paperclip, or shipping heroin back to the United States from Vietnam in the corpses of our slain soldiers? Unable to tolerate my government’s flagrant behavior any longer, I decided to quit supporting this corrupt entity. Now, the first question most people will ask is: does this mean that anyone who doesn’t agree with what the federal government does should be exempt from paying income taxes? What if they don’t support our current war, the welfare system, or their pork-barrel spending? The answer, of course, is that no, a simple disagreement with governmental policy is not reason enough to refrain from paying taxes. But, if it can be undeniably proven that the government is involved in illegal activities, then we’ve entered into an entirely different realm of consideration. With this reasoning in mind, the one question I would like to ask is: show me one instance in the Constitution, the federal tax code, or in any law book that says an American citizen must pay taxes to an entity engaging in illegal activities. Our government requires its citizens to obey the law, including those for drug trafficking, murder, treason, and money laundering; so isn’t it reasonable to expect that they adhere to the same laws? Shouldn’t they, in fact, be held to the same standard (or an even higher one) that we are held to? At this point someone may say, “I certainly don’t support the government’s involvement in illegal activities, but what do my taxes have to do with it?” The answer is simple: revenues generated from federal income tax payments go directly into the General Fund and are then used to finance the various departments that make up our government (including those involved in activities outside the law). In other words, money that is supposed to be earmarked for social security is instead funneled into the General Fund and ultimately used by organizations such as the CIA. In this sense, what we have is nothing more than a very complex octopus-like financial racket where those who don’t adhere to the same laws that are expected of us have undeniable access to our money. To perpetuate this shakedown system, the American public must be made fully aware that if they fail to pay their ‘fair share,’ dire consequences will result. Thus, the federal government has expended more energy on filling its citizens with mortal fear of the IRS than they have on practically any other endeavor. They use these manipulative practices and fear tactics for one very important reason: if people ever saw through this smokescreen … this illusion … then the whole game would be over and their house of cards would crumble. So, to retain the status quo, we are constantly bombarded with reminders of IRS audits, fines, prison sentences, and people’s lives being wrecked by this ominous agency. If you don’t believe me, consider how often this subject comes up on TV, talk radio, on sitcoms and movies, or in magazine and newspaper articles, especially around April 15th. It’s a blatant and unabashed campaign to create a dire fear of the IRS. This agency’s arrogance has become so grandiose that, according to author Robert R. Raymond, “The IRS, through the small office of ‘Director of Practice,’ claims the authority to wield carte blanche authority over all other powers of government.” We’ve created a monster, and at the present time it is completely out of control. At this point, some of you may wonder if I am completely anti-tax. The answer is no, for if you read chapter 59 of The New World Order Exposed, you will see how many taxes all of us pay. Here is a partial list of those various taxes: federal taxes, state taxes, county taxes, township/borough taxes, gasoline taxes, phone taxes, real estate taxes, school taxes, property taxes, occupational assessment taxes, occupational privilege taxes, inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes, worker’s compensation taxes, vehicle license registration taxes, building permit taxes, sales taxes, liquor taxes, marriage license taxes, Medicare taxes, social security taxes, cigarette taxes, corporate income taxes, utility taxes, trailer registration taxes, fishing & hunting license taxes, fuel permit taxes, dog license taxes, and road usage taxes for truckers. There’s even an IRS penalty tax if you’re late paying your taxes! Now, let me ask you point-blank: do you think American citizens from every walk of life are payin
g enough taxes? In this light, how can I justify or condone paying a government that not only taxes us through the roof, but then uses this money to create what has essentially become a government-sanctioned organized crime syndicate? If you do, on the other hand, support such a system despite its obvious illegality; that is perfectly fine with me – more power to you. But in the same breath, I expect you to show the same respect to those who cannot accept the government’s unlawful practices. Let me explain it as such. Suppose your boyfriend or girlfriend went into your wallet every Friday afternoon and ‘took’ or ‘stole’ a specific amount of money. What would you do? Well, some may rationalize these actions by saying that they truly loved their partner, and being that they needed money to buy food, clothes, and gasoline, they were justified in what they were doing. But how would you react if you discovered that this same individual lied to you on an ongoing basis, killed people, ran drugs, laundered money, and let unsavory people into your home? Would you still let them ‘take’ money from your wallet every Friday to continue their unsavory habits? If the answer is yes, then that’s your prerogative. But my decision to NOT let that person ‘take’ my money any longer is equally as valid, especially in light of the extra-curricular activities they’re involved in. Naturally, it’s one thing to break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and entirely another to free one’s self from the IRS’ tentacles. And, in all honesty, I’ll be the first person to admit that I don’t have the resources to demand that the government quit its illegal activities. How could I force them to cease and desist? For crying out loud, they command the largest military force in the world. With the scales tilted entirely in the government’s favor, people often ask me, “What can I do? I’ve disengaged myself from their media, and I’ve freed myself from their schools. I’ve even freed myself from all their conditioning, propaganda, lies and brainwashing. But I still feel helpless and angry because I can’t free myself from their financial clutches (i.e. taxes). What can I do? They still have a hold over me.” These people are absolutely justified in their frustration, for the taxes we pay to this greedy, completely amoral monster are the largest expense any individual faces – larger than their car payments, mortgage, or children’s tuition costs. In fact, on average, homeowners now pay approximately 52% of their total income in one form of taxation or another. 52%! And I guarantee that with our current war in the Middle East and President Bush’s plans to send men to the Moon and Mars, that figure certainly won’t be going down. When viewed from this perspective, every person in this country should be asking, “Why is the federal government allowed to stick their hands in our pocket every payday and take our money, especially when they’re acting in such an unlawful way?” (Not to mention being so fiscally irresponsible that

Frank Wallace,
author of The Truth About Your Money,
recently wrote in the American Free Press (December 29, 2003) that by the year 2012, the revenue generated from federal income taxes won’t even be enough to pay the interest on our national debt.) That’s only eight years away. Please think about this riveting statement. In less than one decade, all of the tax money collected by the federal government won’t even cover the INTEREST on our national debt - all because of THEIR uncalled for out-of-control spending habits. It is for these very reasons that I have become an IRS conscientious objector and feel I am under no legal or moral obligation to support such an unlawful situation. The most outrageous aspect of this scenario is that our elected (and non-elected) representatives in Washington, D.C. seem to have forgotten that they are still OUR servants and OUR EMPLOYEES. And no, we are not their subjects. Y’see, our founding fathers left that scenario behind over 200 years ago when they departed England’s shores, along with King George’s tyrannical rule. After journeying to America, these brave men believed so strongly in the principles that were eventually laid down in our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights that they entered into the Revolutionary War to establish them. When I think back on these courageous men, I can only wonder how we could have fallen so far away from those principles, and why we so willingly tolerate the obvious corruption in our nation’s capital. The situation is so absurd that our servants have now taken over the mansion (or, more accurately, have the inmates taken over the asylum). How many other instances can you think of where the owners of a company let their employees run roughshod over them? That’s exactly what we’re doing in this country by allowing the Washington D.C. leisure class to steal our money via taxation, then have absolutely no accountability in the way they spend it. Hopefully, by this point everyone can agree that our country’s foundation has been perilously eroded, and that something dramatic must be done before it’s too late. But what can we, as individuals, do? I’ve been following quite a few high-profile tax trials lately, especially Dick Simkanin and his supporters from an organization called “We the People.” Their argument (and a very valid one, I might add) is that under U.S. tax law, employers are not required to be “withholding agents” for the IRS, and that if any employee presents a Withholding Exemption Certificate to their employer, they are not required to withhold federal income taxes. (See Title 26, subtitle C, chapter 24, section 3402 (f)(3)(b)(i) of the Code of Federal Regulations.)
The problem that arises in each and every one of these cases is, despite the strength of each individual’s case, the government always has the upper hand for one simple reason – the judges refuse to allow tax laws, the code of federal regulations, or the Constitution itself to be entered into evidence. This tactic is so pronounced that in the recent Simkanin trial, when attorney Arch D. McColl tried to question witnesses on the legal definition of taxes in relation to employees and wages, U.S. District Judge John McBryde told him,
“We’re not going to play this game.” (Does Justice McBryde actually feel that the threat of huge fines, imprisonment, and a person’s freedom are nothing more than a ‘game’? How truly sad.) In the end, the government almost always prevails precisely because they refuse to allow the very tax laws they’re trying to enforce to be heard as evidence. And even though I applaud each and every one of these tax protestors, the government still has the upper hand because of their ability to keep evidence from being presented in a court of law. So, instead of fighting the federal income tax on the grounds of a specific loophole, stipulation, or arguments over the letter of the law, I am instead challenging the United States government and the IRS to show me one instance in the tax code, the Constitution, or the Code of Federal Regulations where it says that I have to pay taxes to an entity that systematically engages in patently illegal behavior. In this sense, rather than debating over definitions and an eight-million word tax code that is deliberately designed to be incomprehensible, my premise is more straight-forward: the government, which is still MY servant, must prove via laws that are on the book that I have to pay taxes to an entity which engages in illegal activities. Needless to say, as of this writing I am no longer paying federal income taxes. If the IRS wants to pursue this matter and audit me, the first thing I will need to do to move forward with my case is prove that the federal government has engaged in a multitude of criminal acts. Ladies and gentlemen, I long for this day. In fact, I cherish the thought of laying this information out in a court of law, and the first thing I’m going to demand of my employee – the IRS – is a 100% fair and open trial in front of the eyes of every American citizen. In other words, this trial won’t be held in front of a secret military tribunal, or on a Coast Guard island like the IRS tried to do with Joe Bannister where no civilians or press were allowed inside the courtroom. For those of you who don’t know, Joseph Bannister was a former IRS Criminal Investigative Division Agent for over five years until he resigned in 1998 because, as Ms. Devvy Kidd wrote in This Is What Your Fear Is Protecting, “He could not look in the mirror every morning knowing that the IRS, his employer, was breaking the law and committing fraud against the American people.” As a result of his discoveries, Joe Bannister quit filing or paying his federal income taxes, and subsequently came to be a victim of heavy-handed IRS scare tactics. Not only did they scare off clients from his business and revoke his CPA license; they also engaged in an ongoing surveillance campaign against him. Then, at his trial, Bannister’s request for IRS documents was denied, as was his ability to defend himself. In addition, Bannister’s request to present evidence in full was denied, along with his request to call pertinent witnesses. I want to stop for a moment and ask a question of every person reading these words: is this acceptable behavior from our employee? I don’t know why we fail to remember this vitally important point – the IRS, and every other elected official – still work for us. It’s not the other way around. Why have we allowed the IRS to become such an ominous, iron-fisted Big Brother-type entity that makes our knees shake at every turn? We have the undeniable right to a fair and open trial, and no one, especially the IRS, should be allowed to interfere with this right. So, moving right along, if the IRS doesn’t think my case is relevant or important enough to deal with, that’s fine. I’d much prefer to be left alone anyway. But if they do seek to audit me, I absolutely refuse to allow them to impose their King George-style tyranny over me as they have done with others. Stated differently, if they come after me, I’ll go after them, and believe me, I’ll go straight for the throat. I won’t for a second tolerate their bullying tactics, and will make every step of the process known via our TV show, magazine, articles and books. My freedom is at stake, and I’m not going to rollover and play dead, or go down without a fight. There’s not a snowballs chance of hell in that. In this sense, I don’t have anything to hide, so let’s open everything up and lay it on the table. This includes subpoenas for every governmental employee who has engaged in the aforementioned illegal activities, including Oliver North, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Richard Secord, and scores of others. Plus, I demand full access to every record in the CIA files, along with those from the NSA, DEA, and other pertinent alphabet agencies. Remember, they work for us, and employers don’t like their employees to be secretive. Now, of course, I won’t request anything that actually endangers our national security, but I also won’t sit idly by and let something like John Lennon’s files remain “classified” in the name of national security. Rather, everything will be above-board and on the table (as it should be under an open and free government such as ours). And just wait until you see what I request – all in full view of the American public! Lastly, if the IRS still feels compelled to audit me, then I will likewise demand an audit of them, along with the Federal Reserve and the CIA. If their standards apply to me and every other American citizen, then the same standards sure as hell better apply to them too. You know the old saying: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. In the end, considering that I may potentially face an audit, a court trial, fines, an arrest, or even possibly jail time, some of you may be wondering: what do I ultimately want? The answer is simple. Except for legitimate national security issues which obviously need to be kept secret, I want our government to play it straight with us and end this reign of rampant secrecy and deceit. The lies and Wizard of Oz smoke & mirrors have to end. Secondly, I don’t want our government to engage in illegal activities any longer. I don’t think that’s much to ask from our elected officials who represent the greatest form of government ever conceived. Do you? Lastly, I don’t think it’s too much to expect full disclosure and an admission of all crimes which have been committed over the past several decades. In other words, let’s lay it all on the table, wipe the slate clean, and start anew – this time with your original purpose – to best serve the American people – as your ultimate goal. As I write these words, I wonder: are my requests too much to ask for, or possibly even na├»ve? Who knows? It is fairly remarkable, though, that after nearly fifteen years of research into this down-and-dirty business of political corruption, I still have a touch of idealism left in me. And yes, I do still believe that if enough of us demand that our government cleans up its act, we’ll be able to actually make some progress and get this country back on track again. Now, does this mean that I’m telling other people to stand up to the government and challenge the corrupt IRS tax system? Not by a long-shot. But I do know that if the IRS cannot prove via statutes, codes, or laws that say I must pay federal income tax to an entity which engages in illegal activities, then this same rationale applies to everyone else in this country. Plus, when you think about it, how many people could the government/IRS possibly arrest under their tax laws? There are already over 2 million inmates in our nation’s prison system. What if ten-times that many people rebelled and simply refused to support this exploitive tax system? There’s no possible way that all of them could be imprisoned. The government simply doesn’t have the resources to enforce their tax laws. Likewise, what would happen if people were fined; then refused to pay the penalties? The government couldn’t put them all behind bars – it’s simply not feasible. In this regard, imagine if 20% more people followed suit, or 50%. At some point the government would be compelled to face this issue and come clean once and for all. Senator Henry Bellmon confirmed this sentiment in 1969 when stating, “In a recent conversation with an official of the IRS, I was amazed when he told me: If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90 percent bluff, the entire system will collapse.” The most pressing thought crossing my mind right now is: what are we waiting for? But guess what will happen if we don’t all band together and take a stand against the IRS taxation system - nothing. Nothing whatsoever will happen. The status quo will reign supreme, and the government will keep stealing our money week after week and spending it with absolutely no regard as to where it came from – our pockets. So, the final question on the docket is: do I think I’ll ultimately prevail with my IRS challenge? I don’t know, but at least my stand is better than complaining, doing nothing, or, worse, ignoring the situation altogether. Those in positions of power are laughing their asses off at each and every person who gets their paycheck on Friday afternoon, cashes it, and doesn’t even look at how much has been embezzled from them. Blind obedience is what allows this extortion racket to continue, and I for one am no longer going to support it. One thing I do promise you, though; I will continue to write, speak out on our TV show, and publish books every step of the way. And believe me; if I do get locked-up, I vow not to fall out of touch like Ohio Congressman James Traficant did. I’m in this for the long run, and I’m fighting every step of the way. Victor Thorn Happy Valley, Pa. January 10, 2004

--------------------------------------------------------------------- VICTOR THORN: IRS CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR -- by Lisa Guliani April 15, 2003 is marked in red on Victor Thorn’s calendar. It was on this day that the Babel Magazine publisher made one of the most dramatic decisions of his life – he declared himself a conscientious objector and has decided to no longer pay federal income taxes – for this year and all future years. What made him come to this decision? According to Thorn and others like him, the decision to withhold payment is based on the fact that the federal income tax, instituted in 1913, is both illegal and unconstitutional. Instead, it is a “creation” of the 16th amendment to the United States Constitution – an amendment which was NEVER legally ratified by ¾ of the states in 1913. Further, the federal income tax is a “slave tax” that is absolutely prohibited by the 13th Amendment. But even more importantly, Thorn adds, “I’ve chosen to become a conscientious objector because I can no longer support a government that more closely resembles an organized crime syndicate than a representative of the people.” Victor Thorn’s Letter to the IRS on April 15, 2003 In simplest terms, Thorn’s letter confronts the IRS with the fact that revenue generated from federal income tax payments is used to support, among other things, CIA endeavors such as drug trafficking, money-laundering, and assassinations – secret operations that are perpetrated without the support or authorization of American taxpayers. He contends that this money goes into the General Fund and is then used to finance various departmental budgets that make up our government as a whole. To make matters worse, Thorn states that there are reams of evidence that the crimes listed in his recently released political book, The New World Order Exposed, are being done with the full knowledge of the FBI, DEA, Department of Justice, and even the Executive Office – all working in collusion to perpetrate this ongoing fraud against the American people. Below is a copy of the letter he sent to the IRS on April 15th, 2003: I, Victor Thorn, as a conscientious objector against the illegal practices of the United States Government, will no longer contribute to a corrupt system which more closely resembles an organized crime syndicate than it does a representative of the people. These unlawful practices, outlined in my book The New World Order Exposed (http://www.babelmagazine.com/NWO%20EXPOSED.html) are in direct violation of our Constitution and are also listed below (see Article One). Thus, because I can no longer morally justify supporting these practices, I hereby refuse to file a Federal Income Tax form with the Internal Revenue Service from this day forward. Until each of the issues listed in Article One are addressed and answered truthfully and completely before the American public, in addition to the grievances brought against the IRS by Bob Schulz and the “We the People Congress,” I consider myself exempt from the illegal income tax. Victor Thorn Conscientious Objector – Federal Income Tax ARTICLE ONE ILLEGAL PRACTICES OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (as outlined in Victor Thorn’s “The New World Order Exposed”) (http://www.babelmagazine.com/NWO%20EXPOSED.html) 1) Illegal drug trafficking by the Central Intelligence Agency with full knowledge of the Executive Office, Drug Enforcement Agency, FBI, Department of Justice, and other branches of government 2) Illegal money laundering in relation to the above-mentioned drug trafficking 3) Illegal vote tampering in direct violation of our Constitution 4) Illegal involvement in the terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995 5) Direct foreknowledge of the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., specifically in commanding our Air Force to ‘stand down’ 6) Illegal involvement by the Central Intelligence Agency with Organized Crime in relation to drug trafficking, money laundering, and assassination 7) Illegal involvement in both foreign and domestic assassinations by our Central Intelligence Agency 8) The illegal creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 which is in direct violation of our Constitution, which states that only Congress is legally permitted to create money 9) Illegal involvement in the creation of the AIDS virus by various arms of our government, specifically the Department of Defense 10) Illegal involvement by the Central Intelligence Agency in the mass-suicide deaths in Jonestown, Guyana 11) Illegal import of Nazi scientists from Germany by the Federal Government under “Project Paperclip” 12) Illegal involvement by various arms of our Federal Government in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy Thorn also adds, “These crimes stretch across many administrations and include both the Democratic and Republican parties. In light of this information, I can no longer – in good conscience – feed such a monster.” Social Security Taxes With respect to Social Security taxes, Thorn makes his case in simplest terms: “What would happen if I started a labor union and collected dues under the pretense that the money generated would be placed in each member’s retirement fund. But then I turned around and used this money to make my car payments, buy a new furnace, or to fund an agency that was trafficking drugs into the area. What would happen to me? I’d be tried in a court of law and imprisoned. But this very same practice is being perpetrated by the federal government with our social security payments. Money they SPECIFICALLY tell us is earmarked for “retirement” is instead redirected into the General Fund. (Note: of the $490 billion collected last year in payroll taxes to be used for Social Security, $132 billion, or nearly 27%, was placed in the General Fund and used for other purposes. This is a clear case of embezzlement.) Thorn poses the following questions: Why is the Federal government allowed to break laws that are supposed to apply to everyone else? Shouldn’t our government hold itself to the very same standards to which the average citizen is held? Moreover, shouldn’t we expect our own government to set an even HIGHER standard of conduct in these matters? When asked about all of the other taxes which the American people are expected to pay, Thorn replied: “If you read chapter 59 of The New World Order Exposed, you will see precisely how many taxes the average American citizen are responsible for. The list is almost as long as my arm. And during the course of this year, I haven’t objected to paying any of them, including my state, county and local taxes. I am only refusing to direct my tax money to ONE entity, and that is the federal government’s organized crime syndicate.” Thorn continues: “When one totals all of these various taxes – especially those imposed by the federal government – it is obvious to me that the American people are being subjected to a form of enslavement. I present an excellent example in my book which essentially compares American taxpayers to slaves on a plantation. This illustration is very eye-opening, especially when we look at tax trends over the last 90 years. In which direction have they invariably gone? Up! My decision to stop paying federal income taxes is a refusal to ENABLE the continued growth of this destructive monster any longer. Consider too, that our national debt is currently topping out at $6.4 trillion, and Texas Representative Ron Paul projects that it will hit $12 trillion within 10 years. (In case you’re wondering, this is what 12 trillion looks like: $12,000,000,000,000.00) Where do you think this money will come from? You know the answer, as well as I do. The only question remaining is; why do we keep perpetuating this failed, illegal system? When asked whether anyone can do what he has done and stop paying income taxes, Thorn has this to say: “The one big distinction between most taxpayers and me is that I am classified as an independent contractor. Thus, I don’t receive a weekly paycheck. But you have to understand that the people who created this system are very ingenious, and the rules and regulations for this year’s tax code span over 46,000 pages, most of which are barely comprehensible. The IRS realized that when people finally figured out the scam job that’s been foisted upon them, they’d quit paying taxes. So what they did during World War II was deceive the people by convincing them that their hard-earned money was urgently needed to support the war effort – and in this way, the government justified “temporarily” taking money directly out of American’s paychecks. But guess what happened? They reneged on their word and kept stealing money from our paychecks before we ever had a chance to see it. Most of us take this thievery for granted, but take a look at your next pay stub. You’ll be appalled at how much is actually being skimmed off the top. Thus, the standard taxpayer, who comprises about 99% of the tax base, is behind the 8-ball right from the start. If people would start educating themselves by visiting websites such as the “We the People Congress” (http://www.givemeliberty.org), they could begin to take the necessary steps involved in keeping more of the money they earn and stop supporting an illegal, horribly corrupt system.” THE IRS - MOB FEAR FACTOR On a final note, Thorn compares IRS strong-arm tactics to those employed by a well-organized “mob”. “The IRS and the media have created a pervasive atmosphere of fear which is similar to the Mafia hiring a “thug” to go around and collect “protection” money from all the local shop owners or risk having their windows broken or their shops burnt down. It’s all strong-arm tactics, with fear used as the predominant theme. But if enough people stood up to them and refused to surrender to such tactics, dramatic changes could be made. In other words, if we quit feeding this monster, it will eventually starve to death or be forced to make changes that benefit US instead of them.”