10 October, 2004

Take Action!

"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."
-Andrew Jackson

I decided to "take up the cause", and to build this blog, after inspiration from a friend, who also has interest in the "USA Camps", that are listed as "Concentration Camps." __' Two is better than one'......and the film and stills of the Omaha, Arkansas FEMA location, were a collective work of two un-named individuals.......
Loving 'The Land of the Free, and The Home of the Brave'- and long time "Freedom Fighter", [http://www.pow.miaaff.org/ ]
I have today taken the "educational and learning" stance, that
"if we do not know,then how?,[may we know] and 'where do we go' with this knowledge?"
So in this small effort of mine, I choose to "let you all know"_____________ And of course, as we all know....KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.........Which empowers US! Now where do we go with this knowledge?

Soon, I hope to post more photography, and film [stills].
All photography and written work is copyrighted. Permission is given to copy and reprint for educational purposes.

Omaha Ark, aerial Photo, of Old Cricket Road, Facility, west of Highway 65 Posted by Hello