19 November, 2006

US Concentration Camps America WAKE up

LDS Church-Owned BYU Pressures Professor to Retire over 911 Stance

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Concentration Camps in U.S.
Photos, testimonials, commentary regarding detention / concentration camps in America run by foreign troops -- eventually to be filled with patriots who oppose the New World Order when martial law comes?
NOTE: One of my main reasons for posting this information, even though some of it may seem to stretch credulity, especially in this day of relative peace, is that I have had many friends who have seen them in their visions of the future tribulations.
U.S. PolicyPreparatory in U.S.Recent TimesHistoricalDon't Jump to ConclusionsSee also
Additional Coverage:
FEMA and the REX-84 Program - Readiness Exercise 1984 (that's it's actual name).
American Concentration Camps - index by American Patriot Friends Network.
http://gulagamerika.homestead.com/ - established to document the growing threat of planned detention facilities throughout the USA and Canada
Premonitions of American Holocaust - facts, fears, documentation, rumor, truth, exaggeration.

U.S. Policy
Congress of the United States
March 24, 1997
"Enclosed is the information you requested pertaining to the Army's policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations. This information has not yet been published (it is currently at the printers), however, it has been funded, staffed, and does reflect current Army policy."
-- Bill HefnerMember of Congress
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Official Document Confirming the Campstext above
Coming soon to a community near you? -->

Preparatory in U.S.
MILITARY POLICE INTERNMENT/RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS (Official U.S. Military policy regarding concentration camps)
Preparing the Troops -- U.S. soldiers now serving U.N. and NATO abroad are being conditioned to deal with 'militants, insurgents, resisters' at home as well.
Police-Military Cooperation Trends- White House Briefing, Feb. 24, 2000- Photos
Civil Internment Camps up for Review (TheWinds.org, 9/8/97) - Past is prologue
National Guard has been preparing concentration camp in Marseilles Illinois - former National Guardsman reports activities of past several years (Jan. 12, 2003)
The Road to Heart Mountain? [backup] - WWII Japanese interment facilities and retired military bases being prepped.
The Luftwafe over Amerika!! [link dead, looking for original]photos of German planes training in U.S., using former U.S. bases, white UN bus & look-alikes to condition U.S. citizens to international occupation presence.

U.S. Military Civil Disturbance Planning: The War at Home [backup] by Frank Morales
United States Army Document Detailing Civilian Detention Centres [backup] (7/27/94) Photocopy of "Draft Army Regulation on Civilian Inmate Labor Program"
Internet Watch's Report on U.S. Concentration Camps [backup] - Maps, photos, documentation
Fort Dix New Jersey [backup] - photos of "Enemy Prisoner of War compound"

Pre-made prison cells on back of truck [backup] (9/19/95)

U.S. Concentration Camps: FEMA and the Rex 84 Program [backup] - "There over 600 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States. The current foreseeable event which will see the implementation of the use of these camps is the coming of the New World Order, led by the Shadow Government."
Desoto National Forest, Mississippi (InfoWars.com)Approx 40-acres, operated by foreign troops. Multiple photos: Razor wire, tents, gun tower, search lights, 10' wall, guard shack, portable prison trucks (July 14, 2000).
Secret Base Discovered in Mississippi [backup] -- endangered species preserve actually home to Russian troops, scud missiles. (Sept. 30, 1996)
Military Man's Response [backup]: "I don't believe that there is anything out of the ordinary going on in the U'S. It's business as usual." (Aug. 5, 2000)
July 8, 2000, Mississippi:Portable prison moves in on trucks, gun tower, search lights.
IndianaYou can order a documentary video called Shocker by calling Hope for America Ministries at 1-800-959-1991.
"300+ concentration camps" (98/4/17)
Don't Jump to Conclusions
Re: "List of camps as of 12/9/99"
I personally visited the supposed "Utah Lake" camp mentioned, driving an hour across dirt roads and through brush to approach the back side of the facility, only to discover that it was a garbage dump. The high fences were to keep the garbage from blowing into the lake. It would be nice to have legitimate validations of these claims and not operate in an irresponsible panic mode.
click for enlargementFence near Genola Utah, by Utah Lake
Strange Things in Oregon [backup]
Federal Detention Centers being built and currently in operation for federal criminals (e.g. the Waco types).
Humor/Spoof > Amish-UNWO Alliance Exposed [backup]

Recent Times
Croatian Association of Former Prisoners in Serbian Concentration Camps 1995
~340 Secret Detention Centers in Argentina - (1976 - 1983) These 'Prisoner Assessment Centers' formed a separate and unofficial prison system that secretly functioned alongside the legal structure. They were intended to hold the thousands of people who disappeared in Argentina on the explicit orders of the military dictatorship. The policy was to eliminate political opposition to the "Western Christian way of life."

America's World War II Prison Camps (by Gary North) - camps in U.S. may have incarcerated as many as 425,000 prisoners of war. (Dec. 11, 2001)
WWII Concentration Camps - alphabetical listing, stats, memoirs. (Jewish Student Online Resource Center)
Cybrary of WWII Concentration Camps - photos, art, research, books,
Concentration Camps a Traveler's Guide to World War II Sites
past is prologue?
Auschwitz - photo album
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