19 October, 2004

Railroad [Missouri Pacific] close to said FEMA facility,
Old Cricket Road, Omaha, Arkansas. Just a few miles south of good ole Branson, Mo., Mo Pac train tracks will be useful to pick up Useless eaters, and others........it is just north of Harrison, Arkansas, in Boone County Ark. Posted by Hello
Wednesday, June 21, 2006 2:37 AM
Subject: UN [black ops] cremation trucks/platoons now operating inWestern USDate: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 15:54:24 -0400Al CuppettUS Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Retired)366 Graves Mill RdMadison, VA 2272720 June 2006Subject: Intel report - (All Sources) UN “black operations” cremationtrucks/platoons now operating in Western US.Source Reliability: Very High (report forwarded via “Q-Files”)This report has been promulgated from “all sources”; however, the mainsource is a high ranking US military officer.Within the last three days a US Special Operations Unit, possiblyoperating **autonomously from J-3, the Joint Staff, and obviouslyseparate from the Dept of Defense, Homeland Security, the NSC, and theWhite House, were reported trying to interdict two separate convoys ofUN “Smokey” semi-trailers (18 wheelers); as they are now called.Professional deduction, and “intelligence indicators” over the pastfew months, in the absence of full particulars, reveals that theSpecial Ops unit became involved when it was learned that two convoysof UN trucks were proceeding from AO-Echo (Area of Operations Echo) inNew Mexico, and another from AO-D which is Montana. The trucks werehauling detained personnel, and due to being discovered, were rapidlyproceeding to Canada. The original mission was to stop the “Smokeys”,not letting them reach the border, thus rescuing and then “debriefing”the detainees, who were known to be alive. Source further states thisindicates that Red List pickups have begun prior to actual martial lawdeclaration.The convoy from AO-E contained 18 trucks, whereas the convoy in AO-Dhad four trucks. One of the trucks was interdicted by US forces; withthe crew being “neutralized”. However, the detainees were all founddead. However, apparently the support column for that Smokey arrivedand US forces withdrew due to superior UN forces; which projected, in“Pentagonese” an unacceptable attrition rate of US personnel.Be advised, the UN support units include about 5 or 6 white vans orSUVs, with approximately 30 fully armed personnel aboard. One van canbe assumed to be a “Special Weapons Squad”. The Smokeys will have atleast 3 people in the front seat, and the support vehicles will beloaded with black uniformed, armed personnel.Source advised that all precautions must be taken if Smokey trucks areengaged, as support vans, if not present, will follow very shortly.Furthermore, the Smokeys can cremate their “human cargo” in recordtime. This report confirms the report last week of “cremationtrailers” within the CONUS.The first engagement revealed there were armed French troops, alongwith armed German and Chinese Intelligence agents. Source reportedthat the foreign personnel were equipped with thermal imaging,Infra-red, and night vision equipment. This means the Red List pickupsare being done at night; presumably on targets that are known to be“passive”.Source states that Red Lists (for immediate extermination) are being“revised”, that is, more names are being added to the “useless eater”category, since it is felt that many who were considered to be“re-educatable” must now be added to the Red or Blue Lists.The location of the shootout was not specified, but had to have beenon a line from NM to the Canadian Border.Be advised the recent shooting in a Capitol parking garage wasapparently a clash of various agents vying for preeminence. Capitolpolice were pulled from the scene. We have “arrived” folks! You’llrecall an earlier report stated that foreign forces were staging inthe DC area, with operations being planned before the end of August.---- Forewarned is forearmed. Make Aliyah now. At least the cremationtrucks haven’t begun in Israel.Warm regards,Al CuppettBronze Star and Purple Heart Medals, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971 (15months) Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff,1990 (6 years) Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990**The unit would have to be operating autonomously because Bush,Cheney, or Rumsfeld, Chertoff, or a “shadow government” operative,would have ordered the Special Ops force arrested/detained, if at allpossible. The “civil war” as seen by the prophets of God, hasapparently started. However, be advised there have been many“engagements” with UN units already!____________________________________________________[FIRST REPORT]1346 hrs (1:46 PM)20 June 2006Subject: Preliminary Intel Report – UN CREMATION TRUCKS/PLATOONSOPERATINGTo: BillInfo to selected Believers/Observants. This is a preliminary report.Source reliability: HIGHESTDrafting final follow-up within the hour.UN Cremation trucks operating in NM and MT. Hit teams in platoon size,with vans and SUVs supporting 18 wheelers called “Smokey’s”, Guesswhy.? Human smoke is black!!! I watched the funeral home down theroad. Auschwitz also had charcoal black smoke billowing out of it’schimneys almost 24 hours a day. The 4th Reich is now here..Long story. be alert. They have foreign troops and night opsequipment. Deduction: Red List pickup operations are NOW being run---- at night. This and much more from high ranking active duty FlagOfficer to follow.Comment: Be in prayer and/or be ready --- at night.More laterAl Cuppett____________________________________________________________a reference on US concentration camps.The artice is "Halliburton Will Profit Handsomely On DomesticConcentation Camps," which appeared on page 4 of the June 12& 19, 2006, edition (Volume VI, #24/25) of American Free Press.
Their website is www.americanfreepress.net.
Urgent!!! I am in receipt this date (19 June 2006) of a letter from U. S. Congressman Steve King, stating that the United Nations is attempting to push through a Global Gun Tax and Registration, for what Congressman King calls:
"A Program of Action for one purpose- - -
To Register, ban, and confiscate guns owned by private citizens, and they want to start here in America!" I am trying to scan and attach this referenced letter hereto. It mentions two current Bills in Congress that are attempting to block this U. N . Action. HR 3436 & S.B. 1488. But he says the U.N. Action has much support in Washington D.C. Folks, this may just be the straw that broke the Camel's back! Please help confirm this U. N. Action, and the two Bills before Congress to block it! This may be the Modern-day March on Concord!!! I will attempt to convert the letter to Word format and send it ASAP. Scott
Charles Vaught

Are Americans ready to slice our country in two with the widest super highway every built? The NAFTA Super Highway is on the way, cutting right through the heartland of America, if patriotic Americans don't put a stop to it. It won't cut through Florida, but it will, without a doubt, affect all America. The planning is well underway, even the financing. It's international planning and the internationalists seemingly will do anything and everything that they wish. But Americans need to recognize that we still have a Constitution, a Congress and a Senate if we will demand to be heard in person and at the ballot box.
The internationalization of roads has begun. The Bush administration is quietly planning this quarter-mile wide road, Interstate 69, 1600 miles long, connecting Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. It is planned to stretch from Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota with 10 vehicle lanes (three passenger vehicle lanes in each direction), truck lanes (two in each direction), six rail lines (three in each direction), two tracks for high-speed passenger rail, two for commuter rail and two for freight. A right of way of 200 feet for oil, gas, eledctric and water lines is planned.
What's the purpose of such a limited access super highway dividing our nation right through the middle? The stated purpose is to "allow containers from the Far East to enter the United States through the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas," crossing the border in FAST lanes, checked electronically, with the first customs stop at a Mexican customs office in Kansas City where a $3 million facility is being built for Mexico at U.S. taxpayers expense. The "Far East" sounds familiar---a special road to expedite products produced in Red China at the expense of American business, industry, and jobs. Isn't that just what our country needs to further bring us to our knees?
Sounds incredible doesn't it? There's more. It won't really be an American road at all for financing is be provided by a Spanish firm. It will be a toll road so you can guess who will collect the tolls. The Texas Department of Transportation has already signed an agreement with the firm. The Bush administration has blessed the project and the Federal Highway Administration announced two years ago that the first segment of the road had been granted "experimental project status."
Construction could begin before the environmental study was complete. The Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that environmental reviews were not required. Whatever happened to endangered species, wetlands, and all the ecological considerations of the past to hinder American foresters and landowners? Americans are always given the shaft.
What about all the land involved? Of course, thousands of acres of farm and forest land, towns, and cities will be affected. Property rights will be ignored to make way for the dream world of the internationalist. Phyllis Spivey of NewsWithViews writes: "Our shredded borders will open fully to trucks, busses, and people from all points north and south, the trucks delivering products and services once produced in the U.S.A. by Americans." Multiplied billions of dollars would be involved in such a project. Any estimates at this time would no doubt multiply as the project went forward.
But much more is involved. Our very nation is at stake. This is part of the Bush/Fox/Martin plan of 2005 labeled Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that we have reported on in the past. It means loss of American sovereignty, the overrunning of America affecting not only the heartland States, but all America. Are Americans prepared for such an invasion and such a slicing up of our land, allowing foreign vehicles free access to our country, sealing off our people from one another no doubt with limited crossings or tunnels of a quarter-mile wide, dividing and destroying farms and ranches, and paying tolls to foreign governments on roads that were once free?
It is my hope and prayer that we are not ready to accept this---that there are still enough TRUE Americans left who will be stirred to stand up, be counted, write, speak, and vote their opposition to legislators who are surrendering America piece by piece. The Constitution Party stands opposed to all such agreements with foreign governments that would endanger our national sovereignty and the freedoms provided for us in our Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
J Mc C.P.F. June 21, 2006
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 12:15:06 -0400Folks, look at what they've done in Canada!!Read the "caveat" insurance deal below. It has been made easy for us bySteve in Canada.Briefly, Canadian Home Insurance policies have been modified to say theywon't pay.. etc, if the damage is done 'by a govt agency or otherentity".This means if the New World Order's goons bust something at some"sheeple"s house while hauling Jews off from next door, or Believersfrom down the street, the company is NOT going to pay off. Heyyyy, theyare preparing!!! Figure it out folks.Read and heed folks. Moreover, this new "Canadian Security Certificate"deal can lock you up for years without a cause, a lawyer, or a judge.Period.ShalomAl CuppettFrom: SteveHi Al,Here it is. June 14, 2006, we received in the mail our Canadian HomeOwner'sInsurance receipt from ..company... We have renewed this for years, butthis weekit came with these "Modifications":"This policy does not insure against (p) Loss, damage or expense causeddirectly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by terrorism or by anyactivity or decision of a government agency or other entity to prevent,respond to or terminate terrorism."Later on the same page: "This Policy does not apply to Bodily Injury orProperty Damage caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, byterrorism or by any activity or decision of a government agency or otherentity to prevent, respond to or terminate terrorism."Next page: "Endorsements and modifications attached or in booklet"MASS EVACUATION - coverage included - see booklet page 43." (There wasno booklet and therefore no page 43.)So, for the first time, Al, Canadian insurance companies - TD is TorontoDominion Bank which is big in Canada - cover ALL the bases! Justenacted! NEW CANADIAN MARTIAL LAW MODIFICATIONS for home owners'insurance just received today: ".by terrorism OR BY ANY ACTIVITY ORDECISION of a government agency OR OTHER ENTITY to prevent, respond toor terminate terrorism." Clearly, not just for terrorism, but for "anyactivity" the government decides to break down your door, to "prevent"terrorism. Worse still, not just a govt. agency but any "other entity"- such as the UN? - also has the right to make this decision!!! Notjust a govt. entity but "any entity!" Wow! (The next step then is aCanadian "security Certificate" which imprisons in solitaire, where nocharges are read for years, and if one is lucky they get a "secrettrial." This was on Canada's CBC The National TV news program lastweek.)Al, these new modifications, just out, strongly indicate they're gettingready to do something!Canadian Jews are going to end up like Scharansky unless they Aliyahnow!!!AlSubject: GET THE WORD OUT!Please read the two attachments very carefully! Just enacted!Note the NEW CANADIAN MARTIAL LAW MODIFICATIONSFor home owners' insurance just received today: ".by terrorismOR BY ANY ACTIVITY OR DECISION of a government agencyOR OTHER ENTITY to prevent, respond to or terminate terrorism."Next pages is also a new modification for MASS EVACUATION.Get the word out! Something is about to happen!!!
Thanks goes to my cousin Gary H. " Little Gary" known by his family, who was there at the Pentagon on September 11,2001, serving his country as a Marine...A "lifer" as we call those who have been in the military for 30 years...