16 October, 2004



Watch it.

Watch it again.

Repeat until, finally, it sinks in...

Special Thanks [at least] to one member of my family,
who was there Sept. 11, 2001 .
Thank you Gary H. ....You and your work is appreciated!





Forewarnings from Rupert Murdoch and the Illuminati in Control of the Film Industry
The Infamous Lone Gunmen Pilot
"World Trade Center -- they're going to Crash the Plane into the World Trade Center"
In March of 2001 Fox TV aired Episode One of a new show spun-off from The X-Files. In the first episode of this new show, The Lone Gunmen, an inside faction of the government posing as terrorists hijacks a 727 by remote control. They do this because the cold war is over they need an excuse for war to increase arm sales. They target the World Trade Center, but their plot is foiled at the last minute.
For a complete analysis of the Lone Gunmen pilot, including a video synopsis, please click here

1996 action film provides yet more anecdotal evidence of government complicity in 9/11
In a similar vain to the episode of the Lone Gunmen aired on Fox in March 2001, the action film The Long Kiss Goodnight, provides yet more revelations of the method of government complicity in attacks on the World Trade Center.
To hear an audio clip from the film and for its complete analysis, please click here

The Day America Cried (9-11-01)

American Soil (9-11-01)

Angel On His Shoulder (Firefighters)




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